Future Trends in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Some Trends in Electronics & Communications Engineering Research

  1. Radio Communication Engineering
  2. Software-Defined Radio Technology
  3. Intelligent (Cognitive) Radio Design
  4. Cognitive Radio Architecture
  5. User-Friendly Operator Interfaces
  6. Multiple Access Techniques
  7. Protocols Performance Evaluation
  8. Trunked Radio Systems
  9. Digital Voice Radio
  10. Encrypted Radio
  11. Rf Interference Analysis
  12. Public Safety Dispatch Center Design
  13. Dispatch Staffing Analysis
  14. Simulcast Radio Systems
  15. Microwave
  16. Rf Propagation
  17. Spectrum Management/Allocation
  18. Automatic Vehicle Location (Avl) 
  19. Telecom Engineering
  20. Organic Light-Emitting Diodes


  1. Wireless Technology
  2. Wi-Fi
  3. 3g
  4. Wimax
  5. Wi-Fi Mesh Technology
  6. Wap
  7. Gprs
  8. 2.5g
  9. Edge
  10. Voip
  11. Video Conferencing
  12. Web Conferencing
  13. Instant Messaging
  14. Adsl2+
  15. Vdsl

Mobile Engineering

  1. Pen-Based Computing
  2. Pencentral Software
  3. Handwriting Recognition Capability
  4. Drawing User Interface (Dui)
  5. Embedded Security Subsystem (Ess)
  6. Multiple Data Capture Options
  7. Rfid
  8. Hf-Iso
  9. Voice Recognition
  10. Ultra Mobile Pc (Umpc)
  11. Embedded Hsdpa
  12. Mobile Broadband Capability
  13. Cdma Ev-Do Technology
  14. Multicarrier Cdma
  15. Ofdm (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing)
  16. Handsmart Enhancing Mobile Engineering

Radio Communication Engineering

  1. Software-Defined Radio Technology
  2. Intelligent (Cognitive) Radio Design
  3. Cognitive Radio Architecture
  4. User-Friendly Operator Interfaces
  5. Multiple Access Techniques
  6. Protocols Performance Evaluation
  7. Trunked Radio Systems
  8. Digital Voice Radio
  9. Encrypted Radio
  10. Rf Interference Analysis
  11. Public Safety Dispatch Center Design
  12. Dispatch Staffing Analysis
  13. Simulcast Radio Systems
  14. Microwave
  15. Rf Propagation
  16. Spectrum Management/Allocation
  17. Automatic Vehicle Location (Avl)


Telecom Engineering

  1. Organic Light-Emitting Diodes


Web Resources

Future of Electronics Engineering

  1. The Future of Electronics Engineering
  2. Big Future for Molecular Electronics

Future of Communication Engineering

  1. Future Engineering and Communication
  2. Research Center for Quantum Communication Engineering
  3. Embedded & Communications Engineering
  4. Future career avenues in Engineering & Technology
  5. Cognitive Radio Technology (Communications Engineering)
  6. Communication, Engineering and Design Magazine
  7. Design Engineering: The future of wireless

Radio Communication Engineering

  1. Video Coding for Wireless Communication Systems
  2. Qam: The Modulation Scheme for Future Mobile Radio Communications?
  3. Adaptive Mimo-OFDMfor Future Mobile Radio Communications
  4. Cognitive Radio is The Future of Rf/Wireless
  5. Replacement Radio Design
  6. The Future of Radio
  7. Two-Way Radio & Other Wireless System Engineering
  8. School of Electrical, Electronics Communication Engineering
  9. Radar Systems Survival Radio Replacement
  10. Cognitive Radio Technology

Software-Defined Radio Technology

  1. FPGA Technology Fueling Software Defined Radio
  2. Software-Defined Radio Could Unify Wireless World
  3. Baseband Technologies for 3g Handsets and Basestations
  4. Software Defined Radio: Baseband Technologies for 3g Handsets and Base Stations
  5. Software Defined Radios Adapt to Change
  6. Software Defined Radio Technology and Its Applications
  7. Assessing Software Defined Radio Technology for Subscriber Units
  8. ‘Tower of Babel’ Technology

Intelligent (Cognitive) Radio Design

  1. Cognitive Radio is The Future of Rf/Wireless
  2. Cognitive Radio Technology Will Know What to Do Based On Prior Experience
  3. Cognitive Radio Emergency Networks – Requirements and Design
  4. Cognitive Radio Networks and The Global Internet
  5. The Cognitive Radio Architecture
  6. The Implications of Cognitive Radio Networks to Spectrum Policy
  7. Cognet – An Architecture for Experimental Cognitive Radio Networks
  8. Application of Artificial Intelligence to Wireless Communications
  9. This Software-Driven Advance Will Produce A Seismic Shift in Radio Design
  10. Cognitive Radio Networks
  11. Using Game Theory to Analyze Physical Layer Cognitive Radio Algorithms
  12. Cognitive Radio
  13. A Reconfigurable Platform for Cognitive Radio
  14. Cognitive Radio Techniques for Wide Area Networks

Cognitive Radio Architecture

  1. The Future Wireless Systems: Cognitive Radio (Cr) Vs. …
  2. Cognitive Radio Architecture
  3. Cognitive Radio is The Future of Rf/Wireless
  4. The Future of SDR Adaptive, Aware, or Cognitive Radio OMG Workshop
  5. Cognet – An Architectural Foundation for Experimental Cognitive  Radio Networks within the Future Internet
  6. Cognet – An Architecture for Experimental Cognitive Radio Networks within the Future Network
  7. Protocol Stack for Cognitive Radio Networks
  8. Sdr Technology Implementation for The Cognitive Radio

User-Friendly Operator Interfaces

  1. Design and Implementation of A User-Friendly Interface for Diii-Dneutral beam automated operation
  2. Stepping Into The E-Manufacturing Era Using Labview
  3. Two Visual Computer Network Security Monitoring Tools Incorporating Operator Interface Requirements
  4. Operator Interface & Mobile Data Terminals
  5. User Friendly Operator Interface
  6. Graphic Operator Interface Systems and Other Control Systems
  7. Industrial Automation System for Textile Mills
  8. Affordable New State of The Art Graphic Operator Interface
  9. User-Friendly Operator Interface
  10. Control Boxes and Remote Controls – Operator Interface
  11. A User-Friendly Touch Screen Interface
  12. Designing User-Friendly Search Interfaces

Multiple Access Techniques

  1. Multiple Access Techniques for Future Generation Mobile Networks
  2. Multiple Access Techniques in Future Army Communications
  3. Optical Multiple-Access Techniques in High-speed Avionic Local Area Networks for Future Aircraft Applications
  4. Virtual Connection Tree Over Multiple Access Techniques for 3G Wireless Communications Systems
  5. Special Issue On Multiple Access and Signal Transmission  Techniques for Future Mobile Communications
  6. New Multiple Access Interface Technology Based On Cdma (Code-Division-Multiple-Access) Technique
  7. Multiple Access Technique for Downlink Multibeam Digital Radio System
  8. Fdma – Frequency Division Multiple Access
  9. Multiple Access Techniques for Fiber-Optic Networks
  10. Multiple Access Techniques for Wireless Systems
  11. Multiple Access, Modulation and Transceivers
  12. Time Division Multiple Access (Tdma)
  13. The Shifting Sands of Silicon: Wireless Technology
  14. Random Multiple Access Techniques

Protocols Performance Evaluation

  1. Mobile Ad Hoc Networking Manet Routing Protocol Performance
  2. Performance Evaluation of Arq Protocols for Realtime Services
  3. Performance Evaluation of Directional Antenna- Assisted Mac …
  4. 100mb/S Irda Protocol Performance Evaluation
  5. A Protocol for Standardizing The Performance Evaluation of Short -Term Wind Power Prediction Models
  6. Performance Evaluation of Protocols for Group-Oriented Mobile Services
  7. Simulation-Based Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocols
  8. Simulation Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Space Networks
  9. Performance Evaluation of Tcp Over Routing Protocols
  10. Performance Evaluation of A Lightweight Resource Reservation protocol for mobile Internet hosts
  11. Performance Evaluation of Data Transfer Protocol Gridftp
  12. Performance Evaluation Uust05
  13. Performance Evaluation of Broadcasting Protocols for Ad Hoc
  14. Performance Evaluation of The Radio Link Control Protocol in 3g Umts

Trunked Radio Systems

  1. Terrestrial Trunked Radio (Tetra) is The Modern Digital Private Mobile Radio
  2. Trunked Radio Systems: Traffic Prediction Based On User Clusters
  3. Secure Transmission System for A Digital Trunked Radio System
  4. Sharing A Regional Trunked Radio System
  5. Trunked Radio System
  6. Digital Trunked Radio System
  7. How Vulnerable Are Trunked Radio Systems to Terrorist Hacker Attack
  8. Possible Health Effects From Terrestrial Trunked Radio
  9. Digital Trunked Radio Project Overview
  10. Intelligent Broadband Multimedia Networks
  11. Modern Digital Trunked Radio Gains Acceptance
  12. Utilities As Smrs: Using Simulcast Trunking

Digital Voice Radio

  1. Digital Voice in Amateur Radio
  2. An Information Resource for Amateur Radio Digital Voice Protocols
  3. Voice Digital is The Way of The Future
  4. Developing Digitized Voice Radio Systems for Land-. Mobile Applications
  5. Dvx Vhf Digital Voice Transceiver
  6. Digital Voice Communication Over Digital Radio Links
  7. Digital Radio – The Sound of The Future
  8. Digital Voice Over Hf
  9. Proven Aerospace and Atc Digital Voice Recording Systems
  10. The Future of The Internet, Social Digital Media and EcoTech

Encrypted Radio

  1. Future Infantry Soldier Technology (Fist)
  2. Dynamic Encryption Key Selection for Encrypted Radio Transmissions
  3. Fcc Rules Threaten Ham Radio
  4. Dynamic Encryption Key Selection
  5. A Quantuum Future – Computing and Cryptography
  6. A Mobile Crypto Front End for All Mobile Radio Standards
  7. The Security Technology of The Future. Today.
  8. Encryption Protocols
  9. The Future of Terrestrial AM and FM
  10. Design and Implementation of Rijndael Algorithm for Gsm Encryption
  11. Gigabeam High-Speed Radio Link Encryption

RF Interference Analysis

  1. Microwave Rf Interference
  2. Spectrum Monitoring and Interference Analysis
  3. High Power Broadcasting Skywave Transmitters Interference analysisfor navigation and communication systems
  4. Find How Much Rf Interference is in Your Coverage Area…… Before and After Rebanding
  5. Rf Spectrum Policy: Future-Proof Wireless Investment
  6. Blowing The Whistle On Rf Interference
  7. The Interference Analysis Tool (Iat)
  8. Wi-Fi Spectrum Analyzer – Rf Spectrum Analysis – Airmagnet
  9. Neural Net Based Arrhythmia Analysis Software
  10. Interference Analysis and Sensing Threshold of Detect

Public Safety Dispatch Center Design

  1. Development of A Customizable, Integrated Public Safety System

Dispatch Staffing Analysis

  1. Internal Auditing for Onsite Contracting and Dispatch Staffing
  2. Staffing Analysis
  3. Dispatch Staffing Analysis; Simulcast Radio Systems; Microwave; Rf Propagation
  4. Process and Material Handling Models Integration

Simulcast Radio Systems

  1. Trunked Simulcast Radio System
  2. Performance of A Simulcast Radio System Using Adaptive Antenna
  3. A Simulcast System with Seven Radio Frequencies
  4. The New Dmr Simulcast Solution
  5. Multiple Channel Automatic Simulcast Control System
  6. Wide Area Amateur Radio Network Repeaters


  1. The Future of Microwave Technology Starts Here
  2. Mdt Sensing The Future
  3. Microwave Measurements: Current Techniques and Future Trends
  4. New Methods of Food Preservation
  5. The Future of Microwave Background Physics
  6. Future Technology – Microwave Propulsion
  7. Past, Present and Future of Microwave Operational Rainfall Algorithms
  8. Fingerprinting The Universe- Future Cosmic Microwave Background Experiments
  9. Future Designs of Microwave Transverters
  10. Future Cosmic Microwave Background Constraints
  11. Microwave Cooking: The Past and Future of The Microwave Oven
  12. ‘Home of The Future’ Featured Microwave, Electric Razor
  13. What Do You Think Could Be in The Future for Microwave Ovens?
  14. Future Cosmic Microwave Background Observations
  15. The Past, Present and Future of Microwave Photonics

RF Propagation

  1. Rf Propagation Research
  2. Wireless All-In-One: Rf Propagation, Cellular Principles, Personal Radio Services, Wifi, WiMax, CDMA and GSM
  3. Wi-Fi 101: Multipath Environments and How They Affect Wi-Fi Propagation
  4. Very Near Ground Rf Propagation Measurements and Analysis
  5. Futuradio: Rf Propagation Modeling with Splat! for Windows
  6. Modeling The Radio Frequency Environment of Mars for Future Wireless, Network Rovers and Sensor Webs
  7. Wireless Network Visualization and Rf Propagation Analysis
  8. An Introduction to Rf Propagation That Spans All Wireless Applications
  9. Modeling The Radio Frequency Environment of Mars for Future Wireless, Network Rovers and Sensor Webs
  10. Navigating The Future – Global Positioning System
  11. Rf Propagation Simulator to Predict Location Accuracy of Gsm
  12. Sbir/Sttr Interactive Topic Information System (Sitis)
  13. Wi-Fi Rf Design

Spectrum Management/Allocation

  1. Controlled Markets for Spectrum Management
  2. Developments On Spectrum and Frontier Research for Seamless Mobility
  3. Guidelines for Fixed Link Application
  4. Decentralized Spectrum and Radio Resource Management
  5. Wireless Data Two-Way Radio Resource
  6. Robust Burst Detection and Acquisition System and Method
  7. How Will New Entrants Get Access to Spectrum?
  8. Spectrum Management Handbook
  9. Dynamic Management (Allocation, De-Allocation, Sharing of Spectrum Blocks)

Automatic Vehicle Location

  1. Automatic Vehicle Location
  2. Short Message Service Link for Automatic Vehicle Location Reporting
  3. Driving Through Changes – with Automatic Vehicle Location
  4. Intelligent Transportation Systems – Automatic Vehicle Location
  5. Automatic Vehicle Location Capabilities for Emergency Services
  6. Improving Bus Terminal Management Using Rfid Automatic Vehicle Location System
  7. Applications of Gps to Shortest Path Algorithms and Automatic Vehicle Location Systems
  8. Real-Time Automatic Vehicle Location (Avl) Pilot
  9. Startran Automatic Vehicle Location System
  10. Toronto Ems – Automatic Vehicle Location
  11. Automatic Vehicle Location: Definition and Additional Resources from ZDNet
  12. Development of An In-House Automated Vehicle Location System
  13. Automatic Vehicle Location – Gps/Gsm Tracking – Vehicle  Security and Monitoring

Telecom Engineering

  1. Real-Time Automatic Vehicle Location (Avl) Pilot
  2. Startran Automatic Vehicle Location System
  3. Automatic Vehicle Location System
  4. Automatic Vehicle Location: See Mobile Positioning
  5. Development of An In-House Automated Vehicle Location System
  6. Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
  7. “Electronic Paper”: Organic Light Emitting Diodes
  8. Organic Light Emitting Diodes
  9. Organic Light Emitting Diodes and Photovoltaic Devices
  10. Organic Light-Emitting Diode
  11. High Efficiency Flat Light Source Invented
  12. Past, Present and Future of Organic Light Emitting Diodes
  13. How Oleds Work
  14. (Oled) Driver For. Automotive Components
  15. Organic Light-Emitting Diodes for Display Applications
  16. Future Tvs Tags: Organic Light-Emitting Diode, Tv, Diode
  17. White Organic Led’s Could Serve As The Light Sources of The Future
  18. Improving The Performance of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
  19. Organic Polymer Thick Film Light Emitting Diodes
  20. A Bright Future for White Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
  21. Analyzing The Future Development of The Organic Light Emitting Diode Display
  22. Tiny Displays Look Poised for A Bright Future
  23. Applications of Microscopy in Organic Light-Emitting Diode
  24. The Vision of The Future Seen in Bionic Contact Lens
  25. Air-Stable Organic Light Emitting Diodes for Efficient OLEDs and Solar Cells
  26. Naturally Formed Graded Junction for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
  27. A Pentacene-Doped Hole Injection Layer for Organic Light-Emitting …
  28. Widespread Use in Future Display Technology
  29. Efficient Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with Teflon As Buffer Layer


  1. No Wires for Broadband – Express Computer
  2. The Future of Broadband
  3. Dsps: Key to Broadband’s Future
  4. Future of Wireless Broadband is in The Air
  5. Vdsl: Future of Wireline Broadband
  6. Future Mobile Broadband
  7. Future of Broadband in India
  8. Future’s Broadband, Personalized Services: Experts
  9. Broadband – Will It Affect Your Online Marketing Future?
  10. The Future of Atm and Broadband Networking

Poor Broadband Future

  1. Plotting The Future of Broadband – Wireless & Broadband – Connectivity
  2. Building Mpls-Based Broadband Access Vpns

Wireless Technology

  1. What is The Future for Wireless Technology?
  2. Bluetooth: The Future of Wireless Technology
  3. Emerging Wireless Technologies
  4. An Insider’s Guide to The Wireless Future
  5. Envisioning A Wireless Future
  6. The Future of Wireless Tech Guide in Networking Reviews
  7. The Future of Wireless Technology
  8. 3g and Beyond – The Future of Wireless Technologies
  9. Is Ultra Wideband The Future of Wireless Technology?
  10. Parsing The Future of Wireless
  11. The Ultrafast Future of Wireless
  12. Future of Wireless Technology
  13. New Low Power Broadband Wireless Networking Technology
  14. Wireless Future: A Project of Ic² Institute


  1. The Near Future of Wi-Fi
  2. The Future for Wi-Fi® in India: Opportunities …
  3. How The Wi-Fi Future Might Look
  4. The Future of Wi-Fi and Broadband
  5. Wireless Data’s Future? 3g, Wi-Fi, Wimax Combo
  6. The Future of Wi-Fi
  7. Palmaddicts: Musings On The Future of Wifi
  8. Digg – Bluetooth Technology’s Future with Wi-Fi Networks


  1. Strategy for Future of 3g
  2. Future of 3g
  3. The Future in 3g
  4. The Future of 3g
  5. Future Mobile Networks: 3g and Beyond
  6. 3g Wireless Gprs Future Challenges
  7. Wireless Data’s Future?
  8. The Future of 3g On Psfk
  9. The Future Platform for 3g
  10. Wireless Messaging Demystified
  11. Content Versus Connectivity and The Future of 3g
  12. Beyond 3g


  1. The Future of Wimax
  2. The Future of Wimax
  3. Future of Wimax Promising, Despite Critics
  4. The Wimax Future Could Be Closer
  5. Future of Wimax in The Wall Street Journal
  6. Oecd Sees Uncertain Future for Wimax
  7. A Future with Wimax
  8. Is There Any Future for Wimax?

Wi-Fi Mesh Technology

  1. Research Firm Says Wi-Fi Will Go Bye-Bye
  2. Wimax Wireless Internet
  3. Virtualwire The Future is Wireless
  4. The Shifting Future of Wireless Voice
  5. The Future of Wireless Mesh Voip
  6.  The Future of Wireless Broadband in The Middle East & Africa
  7. Mesh Networking: The Future of Wireless Control
  8. Will Mobile Broadband Kill Wi-Fi?


  1. The Future of Wap
  2. Wap in Asia: Fact and Future
  3. Wap: Fact and Future
  4. The Future of Wap and Mobile Devices
  5. Future Outlook for Wap
  6. Wap: Now and Into The Future!
  7. Future Wap-Related Developments
  8. The Future of Wap: V1.2 and Beyond
  9. Is Opera Mini The Future of Mobile Browsing?
  10. Wap: Present and Future
  11. Expanding Horizons: Future of Mobile: Beyond Wap
  12. Wap Off – O Rigin, F Ailure and Future
  13. Wap: Fact and Future
  14. Wap Devices/Future of Websites
  15. Wireless Messaging Demystified


  1. 3g Wireless Gprs Future Challenges
  2. The Future of Gprs (General Packet Radio Service)?
  3. The Future for Gprs
  4. Gprs Coverage Future
  5. Introduction to 3g Mobile Communications
  6. Edge/Gprs Coverage Gprs Coverage Future
  7. Gprs to Lead Wireless Revolution, Not 3g
  8. Gprs and 3gen – What Does The Future Hold for Multimedia On Mobile Devices
  9. Role of Gprs in The Wireless Future
  10. Gprs for Mms and Mobile Data Applications
  11. Triadis (Trials On Distributed Speech Recognition for Mobile Network Embedded Voice-controlled Services)
  12. The Wan May Be Accessed Using Gms,Gprs or Future Umts Technologies


  1. India Wireless Leaders Discuss Momentum of 2.5g, 3G Mobile Communication @ OMAP.
  2. Australian Telecom Future Lies in 3g Technologies
  3. Striding Into The Future of 2.5g and 3g Wireless Systems
  4. The Future of 2g and 2.5g Services
  5. Future Mobile Broadband: Hspa, Ev-Do, Wimax & Lte
  6. Future Base Station Semiconductor Demand Looks Bleak
  7. Latin American Mobile Operators Betting On Future Success of 2.5g Data-Based Solutions to Generate New Revenue Streams, According to Yankee Group Report.
  8. Pmc-Sierra Intros 2.5g Device for Grooming Ethernet
  9. Low-Power Psrams for 2.5g and 3g Handsets
  10. Pan-European Research Networks: Past, Present & Future
  11. Sige Passive Mixer Tailored for 2.5g/3g Apps
  12. Future Mobile Handsets


  1. Future of Voip
  2. The Future of Voip Goes Wireless
  3. Voip Now: Voip 2.0, The Future of Voip
  4. The Future of Voip Security
  5. The Present, and Future, of Voip
  6. Voip – Future Developments for Users
  7. Telepresence: Current and Future Apps – Voip News
  8. Voip Future Hangs on Regulatory Decisions
  9. The Future of Voip
  10. A Step Into the Future of Voip

Video Conferencing

  1. The Future of Video Conferencing
  2. The Future of Web Conferencing
  3. Future 3d Video Conferencing
  4. The Future of Video Conferencing – Infinite Conferencing
  5. The Future of Videoconferencing – Networking – It Channel News By …
  6. The Future of Video Conferencing: Asychronous Communication
  7. The Present and Future of Video Conferencing
  8. The Future for Videoconferencing Looks Bright – Vnunet.Com
  9. Future Developments of Video Conferencing
  10. The Future of Videoconferencing – Human Productivity Lab

Web Conferencing

  1. The Future of Web Conferencing
  2. The Future of Web Conferencing – Good Interviews
  3. Web Conferencing The Future of Training
  4. Imeetingrooms
  5. Future of Web Deportalization or Soa for Consumer
  6. Gartner Magic Quadrant Report for Web Conferencing
  7. Vsnl & Microsoft Launch Web Conferencing Service
  8. Web Conferencing: The Future

Instant Messaging

  1. Predicting The Future of Instant Messaging
  2. Instant Messaging Could Turn Msn, Yahoo and Aol Into The Equivalent of Phone Companies
  3. The Future of Instant Messaging is Simple, Secure, and Self-Managed
  4.  The future of enterprise Instant Messaging
  5. Could Instant Messaging (Xmpp) Power The Future of Online Communications
  6. Instant Messaging 2.0: Secure Instant Messaging Set To Be The Center Of Your Communication And Collaboration Universes
  7. Internet2 Explores Im’s Future
  8. Meta Report: The Future of Instant Messaging
  9. Instant Messaging: Overview & Future
  10. Future Instant-Message Systems Could Tell Your Friends Where You Are
  11. ACM Queue – Beyond Instant Messaging:
  12. Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing Come Together in Technology Preview
  13. Instant Messaging and The Future of Language
  14. Mobile Instant Messaging


  1. Is ADSL2+ Really The Future of Broadband or Just A ‘Nice to Have’?
  2. Telstra Invests in ADSL2+ Broadband Future – Knowfirst
  3. Dynamode Wireless ADSL2/2+ 4 Port Modem Router
  4. The Future of Broadband
  5. Future of ADSL/ADSL2+ Versus Cable
  6. Telstra Invests in ADSL2+ Broadband Future
  7. The Future of ADSL2+ Means On Demand Streaming Television & Video
  8. Bonded ADSL2+. Allows Service Providers to Logically Bind Two ADSL2+ Connections …
  9. The Face of Future Broadband
  10. ADSL2+ is Not The Answer: Why We Still Desperately Need Fttn
  11. Future-Proofed ADSL2+ Modem Rangemax Technology
  12. Cell Site Gateway Features Future-Proof Design
  13. The Future of Copper


  1. The Future of Vdsl
  2. Vdsl: Future of Wireline Broadband
  3. Vdsl: The Future Broadband Platform?
  4. In-Stat – Iptv Will Drive Future of Dsl Ic Chipset Market
  5. “How Vdsl Works”
  6. Future of Vdsl in Mdu/Mtus
  7. Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line
  8. Future Proof Telecommunications Networks with Vdsl2
  9. Chipset Maker Sees Vdsl Market Growing
  10. Future-Proof Telecom Networks with Vdsl2
  11. Ultra Low Power Optical Feeder for Vdsl

Pen-Based Computing

  1. Pen-Based-Computing Future
  2. How Pen-Based Computing is Changing the Way Emergency Care is Conducted and Communicated
  3. The Future of Pen Based Tablet Computing
  4. Pen-Based Computer – Encyclopedia.Com
  5. Pen-Based Computing
  6. Evaluating The Symbiosis of Dyknow Software and Pen-Based Computing in the Rose-Hulman Classroom
  7. Home Health Nurses’ Initial Experiences with Wireless, Pen-Based Computing
  8. Pictographic Bitmap Naming of Files in Pen-Based Computer Systems
  9. A Collaborative Undergraduate Course for Pen-Based Computing Using Tablet PCs
  10. Pen-Based Computer: Information and Much More From Answers.Com
  11. Assessing The Impact of Pen- Based Computing and Collaboration-facilitating Software in the Classroom
  12. Introduction of Wireless, Pen-Based Computing
  13. Pen-Based Computers Could Still Get The Thumbs Down
  14. Pictographic Bitmap Naming of Files in Pen-Based Computer Systems
  15. The Impact of Tablet Pcs and Pen-Based Technology On Education
  16.  Pen-Based Computers Could Still Get The Thumbs Down
  17. Pen-Based Computing Loses The Tablet

Pencentral Software

  1. Mobile Engineering Design
  2. Wireless Links Loom On Horizon

Handwriting Recognition Capability

  1. Pushing Back Frontiers of Handwriting Recognition
  2. Pattern Recognition : A Class-Modular Feedforward Neural Network For Handwriting Recognition
  3. A2ia Handwriting Recognition Software in The News
  4. Chinese Handwriting-Recognition Capabilities
  5. Handwriting Recognition: State of The Art and Future Trends
  6. Recognition Capabilities af A Tdnn with A Non-Linear Time
  7. Penoffice Handwriting Recognition for Tablet Pc and Desktop Pc
  8. A View On The Past and Future of Character and Document Recognition
  9. An Interactive Mathematical Handwriting Recognizer for Pocket Pc
  10. Handwriting Recognition and Conversion
  11. The Future of Accessible Technology
  12. Method and System for Velocity-Based Handwriting Recognition
  13. Predicting The Future of Web Apps
  14. Nokia 6108 Adds Handwriting Recognition

Drawing User Interface

  1. Drawing User Interface
  2. Enhancing D-Abductor Towards A Diagrammatic User Interface Platform
  3. Integration of Declarative and Algorithmic Approaches for Layout Creation.
  4. Diagrammatic User Interface
  5. The Drag and Drop Interface
  6. Completely Overhauled Dwi’s Interface

Embedded Security Subsystem

  1. Talk:Embedded Security Subsystem
  2. Embedded Security Subsystem (Ess) for Key Generation and Administration
  3. The Embedded Security Subsystem and Trusted Platform Module
  4. Wi-Fi Technology News
  5. Ibm Strengthens Security Leadership with Removable Smart Card …
  6. Ibm Unveils First Biometric Thinkpad
  7. The Embedded Security Subsystem is A Chip On The Thinkpad’s Mainboard
  8. The Ibm Embedded Security Subsystem – Audio Formats Approved for Future Hd Video Discs
  9. a Brief Summary of what the Fingerprint Reader and IBM Client Security Software Can do for You
  10. The Future of Embedded Computing, Part Ii
  11. Wave Systems Announces Secure Services Support for Ibm Thinkpad Notebooks and NetVista Desktops.
  12. Embedded Security Subsystem, A Hardware-Based Technology That Encrypts Vital Security Information

Multiple Data Capture Options



Voice Recognition

Ultra Mobile Pc (Umpc)

Embedded HSDPA

Mobile Broadband Capability

CDMA Ev-Do Technology

Multicarrier CDMA

Ofdm (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing)

Handsmart Enhancing Mobile Engineering

Radio Communication Engineering Future, Trends

Broadband future, trends

  1. No wires for broadband – Express Computer
  2. The Future of Broadband
  3. Future Mobile Broadband: HSPA, EV-DO, WiMAX & LTE  
  4. VDSL: Future of Wire line Broadband
  5. WATBlog.com – The Refreshing Blog on Web, Advertising and Technology in India!
  6. Future’s broadband, personalized services: experts – Indiantelevision.com’s Breaking News
  7. Broadband – Will it Affect Your Online Marketing Future?

Mobile Engineering Future, Trends

  1. Mobile Engineering
  2. Mobile Engineering Design
  3. The complete source for the latest industrial product solutions
  4. Multicarrier CDMA for future generation mobile communication
  5. HandSmart – Enhancing Mobile Engineering User Interfaces with MARISIL – Antoniac



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